Blog Post Plan for 2023

Yet another year has past and as such it is time for me to write another one of these blog posts on blogging that I write only once a year as of late. I like to keep the focus more so on tech related topics on this site as it is a github pages website after all, however I do want to keep up with this at least every once in a great while. There is what I am doing that seems to be working a little, but I still have more to learn when it comes to how to go about writing a blog that people will want to read. So I should take a moment to blog about blogging in a effort to make sure that I keep going with what is working, and rethink what I am doing with what is not working.

1 - Continue to focus on Quality of content rather than trying to be everywhere.

When I was first starting out with blogging and starting to see that I was in fact starting to gain some organic impressions and traffic I started to develop this desire to be everywhere. That is to write content about every subject in tech that I know a thing or two about, and also a whole lot about things that I do not know that much about but am very much interested in. I wanted to just start writing about more or less everything, and also wanted to be everywhere. I wanted to spread a far and wide net in an effort to maximize the volume of impressions and in theory also traffic. This of course over the long run proved to be a mistake, and as such last year I started an effort to pick just one or two topics and stay in my lane with them sort of speak.

1.1 - Keep staying in my Lane with threejs al least until April

The main topic that I started staying in my lane with last year is on a 3d JavaScript library known as threejs. This is a topic that I started writing about way back in 2018, but it started out as just one of many tentative interests. That changed in 2022 as I made threejs just about the only topic that I would write about in terms of new content starting at around April of last year.

Not only did I make threejs the only topic that I would write about in terms of new content but I also made it the main focus when it comes to effects when it comes to editing older content. I would say that I am still far from done actually in that regard as I am still finding that much of my older threejs content still needs to be revised. On top of that there have once again been some major changes in late revisions of threejs such as the remove of the js folder from the threejs repo which means I will need to run threw the full catalog yet again if I want to try to keep it all current.

As of this writing at least I am going to want to continue to write new threejs posts, and edit older posts as well. I am not sure if I will continue to do so for the whole of the year and beyond though. There are a number of other topics that might take the lead over this one, but for now when it comes to traffic, as well as the intrinsic value, threejs is at the top of my list this year thus far.

1.2 - Linux and electionjs as a possible other top topics

There is a whole world of other topics I would like to write about when it comes to tech of course. However it is just me writing and editing this blog, I have a life outside of it, and in any case there is just simply only so many hours in a day. So I have to make sacrifices when it comes to any and all additional categorizes outside of threejs. For now I would say that if I where to switch lanes it would likely be to my category on Linux, or possibly on electionjs.

There is a great deal to write about when it comes to Linux, and I am sure that it is a topic that I could become a little passionate about. I am not at all happy with the direction that Microsoft is going when it comes to Windows. It seems that every year the situation goes from bad to yet even worse. Also do not get me started with Apple, the situation with them was a non starter for me ever sense they made the switch to Intel, and it is also the same situation with Microsoft where an all ready bad situation just keeps getting worse. So if you are the kind of person that has had it with Microsoft and Apple then there are only so many alternatives when it comes to desktop operating system technology and Linux just seems to be the best choice when it comes to this. There is then taking much of the writing in that direction then when it comes to just having a desktop operative system work they way that it should.

It is not to say that one will not still run into problems though when it comes to Linux. Also there is a bit of a steep learning curve with Linux as well. So then for that reason there will be a need to write some blog posts on the topic for the sake of my own edification alone. I have been using Linux based system sense about 2007, but that is not saying much because for the most part it has just been typical end user type use.

Another topic that I started in 2022 was on electionjs, which is a great way to go about starting to create desktop applications with client side JavaScript. One application that I have made that I use almost every day is my videoground application that I use to make videos using threejs as part of the client side stack.

2 - Keeping up with a day by day todo list

Another thing that I started last year was a day by day todo list. This is something that has been working very well for me in terms of planing things out, and also making sure that I keep up with what I want to do. I have found that it is true that if I write things down in the form of a simple todo list, then I will in fact actually do it. So then this is something that I am going to want to continuing doing into this next year.

What I might want to change though is how to I go about planing things out. That is to not stop having a day by day todo list, but rather to refine something that is working. There is making smarter choices as to what deserves more of my attention compared to other things. For example when it comes to updating my content on threejs examples, some of them are good ideas that I should continue to work on more, others maybe not. So there is just getting together another kind of list that is a top collection of examples, and focus more on those while ignoring the others.


So the plan this year is to focus on just staying on course with threejs as a lot of my older content still needs to be fixed up a lot more. Also there is still a great deal more I would like to write about when it comes to new content on threejs that I have not got around to just yet. If I do write about something else it might have to do with electionjs, or Linux, and the main reason why that might be is only because I think I will be making more software tools in which I built on top of threejs, and when doing so I am going to want to use electionjs. Also these days I have to say that I like to devlpe on top of Non Apple inc POSIX like systems, so for the most part that means Linux, so you may see a post or two now and then on that topic.