A Basic canvas map scrolling example

Time now for another one of my canvas examples, this time I think I will make a basic example of a scrolling map. This is something that will come into play for many projects that are some kind of game that involves a large world map of cells or tiles.

This will be a basic getting started canvas example of a map, and moving around such a map. So it might not be the best solution for large maps, as I have not put a lot of time into this to improve performance.

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Blog plan for 2020

I have made a habit of writing a post on the subject of bogging in general rather than javaScript, and javaScript related topics at the start of a new year. So this will be a yet another blog plan post for the year of 2020. No buddy really seams to read these, but thats okay its more for my sake anyway because it is important for me to know where this site is going, and what the next move should be moving forward.

A course change of sorts is needed here, and after giving this some thought I have come to the conclusion that I need to focus more on just one or two general topics rather than trying to gain ground everywhere. My best preforming content seems to be on lodash and functional programing, but much of the content is thin, and desires more attention so that should be one topic at least for that reason. The other topic should be something fun, original, and interesting that might help to improve retention. I also want to focus on something fun to help me keep from seeing this as a job with a very poor return on investment more often than not.

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