Weird face one threejs example

This week the main threejs project that I worked on a little was my weird face one example in which I am making a kind of hybrid model between the kind of models that I have made thus far, and a more professional kind of model that I still have not got around to learning how to make just yet that has to do with bones and skeletons. That is that so far I have been making informal models in the form of having mesh objects with geometries that are created using the built in geometry constructors, the oldest example of this would be my guy one model.

Although these kinds of informal models that are just groups of mesh objects with built in geometries work okay when it comes to a very crude kind of style, I am thinking that I should make an effort to go in the direction of making a more professional kind of model to at least some extent. This kind of hybrid model that I have in mind involves geometries that are created in a program like blender, and then I use my lerp geometry method to allow for animation of certain features, for this weird face one model I am doing this with the mouth.

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Lerping the points of a geometry from one to another

Not to long ago I wrote a blog post on the lerp method of the Vector3 class in threejs. This lerp method of the Vector3 class can be used to transition the state of one vector to another by way of giving a point to transition to and an alpha value between 0 and 1 that is the magnitude to move the point. Lately I thought about using this as a way to lerp the points of a position attribute of one geometry back and forth from one geometry to another. So then todays post will be on a threejs example in which I am working out a crude yet effective proof of concept of this idea of lerping the state of a geometry between two states.

So in other words I am thinking in terms of having two geometries with similar, and ideally identical count of vertcies in the position attribute. On top of having more or less the same count of vertices the order of the vertices is also of importance I have found as if that is not the case this can result in a less than desired outcome.

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The Curve class and tube geometry in threejs

The curve class in threejs is a way to go about creating a curve with a little javaScript logic that can then be used with the tube geometry constructor as the first argument for the function. This geometry can then be use with a mesh object which allows for making line like structures but because it is with mesh object rather than lines objects I can use mesh materials like the basic or phong materials.

The curve class is a base class for making an object composed of methods that are used to define the points in 3d space that define the curve. This curve class and any additional class3s based off if it is then a little different from the idea of having a collection of Vector3 class instances that re crated by way of some logic, or just exists as some form of data that is hard coded into javaScript or in some kind of additional asset like a JSON file. This might then be one of the limitations of the curve class and also the closely corresponding tube geometry constructor when it comes to the idea of having data rather than a means of generating data.

However there might be ways of getting around that limitation, or just making use of some kind of alternative to the curve class and tube geometry. A long time ago I wrote a post on the subject of so called fat lines that where a kind of additional line constructor that can be added to threejs by way of an additional javaScript file. However I am sure there are many other ways of getting a desired outcome when it comes to do things sort of thing such as using capsule geometry with a collection of vector3 class instances.

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Deterministic Lines threejs example

This week the focus was just on working out one new threejs example that has to do with creating and mutating a group of lines. I did a lot of other things this week of coarse that has to do with playing around with tube geometry, but that might be a matter for another future threejs example that will be similar to this one. This example is just a project in which I continued with my lat threejs example that also had to do with creating a group of lines but the goal was just to create a group of lines that form a sphere of sorts and then mutate things from there. With this example what I wanted to do is make a similar system of sorts, but to make it so that a group of lines that form a sphere is just one of many options.

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Sphere circles Lines threejs example

When it comes to making lines in threejs I wanted to make a threejs example in which I have a collection of lines that form a sphere like shape. So the general idea is to make a javaScript module that has a create method that will return a group of lines, where each line is one circle that forms something that will look like a sphere. I can then also add a method that can be used to update the state of this group of lines with a new set of options as a way to make various kinds of animations.

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