Long division and javaScript

Long division is one of those things that as an adult I might forget how to do, but of course it is not so hard to get back up to speed with again by just sting down and doing it again it is elementary school level math after all. However often coming up with a javaScript solution to replicate the process of long division is not so elementary. Solutions for doing so can often work okay, but might not work out as well as I might like.

The main reason why I might take the time to look into solutions for long division is because I am working on some kind of project where I am running into problems with respect to the limits of javaScript numbers. Thankfully there is now native BigInt support in core javaScript by itself, and there is also the Big-Integer user space library that can be used as a poly fill for that. So in most cases I would want to just make use of that and move on with my project in that case. However when it comes to becoming a better programmer just copying and pasting code without taking the time to look into it deeper does not help with that does it.

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A web server starting point node example

I thought I would start a collection of posts that are node examples, that is examples of simple projects that just make use of nodejs. For the first in the series why not start out with some basic starting points for the beginnings of a web server project. Very basic examples might just involve the use of the create server method of the node built in node module. However when it comes to making a real project there is much more that needs to happen, but still it starts with basic hello world style examples. So lets take a look at a few simple web server node examples and get starting working on something cool.

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Button Layout Canvas Example

When I am starting out with a canvas project there is often a need to have some kind of system in place for creating a simple user interface html canvas buttons that is just a bunch of buttons that preform all kinds of actions when clicked. You would think that this would be a simple task when it comes to canvas, but things are not like with html outside of the canvas element where one can just add an input element.

Sure an input element and an event handler for it will work just fine in a pinch, but what if I want display objects rendered in the canvas to be what the button is? So in this canvas example post, I will be going over a basic button layout solution for a canvas project.

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