My plain and resolutions for 2018, for this blog, my pet projects, and more.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, and it’s a new year. So maybe it is called for to start this new year with a post in which I will outline what it is that I aim to achieve this year. There is much I want to get done with this blog, pet projects, and a few other things outside of the main subject matter of this blog. Lots of people set new years resolutions, pursue them for a little while, and then give up. Maybe that is because many resolutions require a substantial change in lifestyle that is not always easy to achieve, or maybe they just don’t write it down. In any case I thought I would draft out what it is that I want to get done this year, and see how things go.

Simply continue with that I am doing in the first place.

I started this blog back in February of last year with a post on hexo tags, and a certain attitude. A somewhat negative attitude that I will give the whole blog thing one year to see if anything comes of it, and expect failure. As such at the time I treated this blog as an experiment of sorts, expecting for it to lead to something that might be of value, but to not get to my expectations that high.

So that being said the main goal in 2017 was to prove a very cynical mindset wrong, and so far it would seem that I am starting to do just that. Still I am not out of the woods just yet, I need to keep doing what I am doing, this is still just the first year, the experiment is not over.

Keep writing posts on npm packages

I have wrote a lot of posts on nodejs and npm packages. Some of them seem to be doing well, and my best preforming post in google search console is my post on the npm package jimp, many other projects I have written on are doing okay as well, such as my post on marked.

Review and refine my process for writing posts

When I was first starting out I had no idea what I was doing. I now have a better strategy that involves writing about things that other people are searching for, but I still do not have full faith in the process in which I write.

For many of my posts, such as the ones on npm projects, my process works like this:

  • Research projects, and find a project of interest
  • Get a sense of how popular it is by checking out how many stars it has on github.
  • Gain a sense if the project is useful regardless if it is popular or not.
  • If it looks like a good fit for something to write on proceed, else keep looking.
  • Create a test_[projectname] project folder, and make it public on github.
  • Create a few demos in the test_[projectname] folder for the project
  • Write one or more blog posts about it.
  • repeat.

This process alone seems to be working okay when it comes to expanding a catalog of content on subject matter that other people are using, but it does not involve updating content, and I am also only working on demos not a real pet project. So I will not just want to keep doing what I am doing alone this year.

Update content

Many of my posts need more work in order to rank better with google, but also just for the sake of improving quality regardless. Spelling mistakes do not bother me that much, but any factual errors need to be taken care of right away. Also some of my posts are on older versions of projects, and as such what is written there may not longer apply to later versions.

I was thinking of having some kind of process that involves updating posts that are preforming the best in search console first to see if I can get them to preform even better, but maybe I also see if I can jump start my posts that are not doing well at all.

Start or continue work on a single pet project.

By The time this year is out I will want to have at least a single software project that is pretty dam awesome. In the past I was thinking it might be some kind of game, but times have changed, and now I am more into the idea of developing some kind of productivity application. Maybe a static site generator, maybe something else, I will not get into it in detail but it will be something cool.

hexo plugins

I will want to give this site a major overhaul, and add some more sections that have to do with coding. A friend of mind keeps telling me I should get back into animation, so maybe I will make some kind of hexo plugin that will generate animations that can be viewed on this site. Maybe this will be the pet project of mine this year. It makes sense to just make plug ins for a static site generator that all ready exists rather than making one from the ground up, and why not make it the static site generator that I all ready use?

That’s it for now

I do not want to set two many goals, if I do so I may end up biting off more than I can chew. So I will be just focusing on continuing with what I am doing, and try to expand into what may be the next step as well. I may come to update this as time goes on, but it will always only just reflect what I aim to accomplish this year, so maybe one once or twice if at all.

Update 2023

It is now 2023 and I have wrote another post like this one for the start of January 2023. I also wrote a post like this every year scene I first wrote this post. So then in other words writing this like of post one a year every year has become a habit that is a little bit of a break from the usual tech topics that I write about. A whole lot has changed from when I first started writing this blog in terms of the topics that I write about, as well as much more outside of them of course. However there is also what has not changed from the beginning as well. With that said what has not changed is my desire to keep going with this, and to continue learning about new things in the process.