Cylinder Geometry threejs example

I took the time to write a post or two on some of the various built in geometry constructor functions that there are to work with in threejs such as the box geometry constructor. However I have not yet got around to writing one on cylinder geometry, so I though that this weeks post should be just a quick post on this constructor as well on top of the older ones that I have wrote.

One interesting thing about the cylinder geometry constructor is that I can give both a top, and bottom radius and when doing so I can set a radius of zero for one of these which allows me to use this is a replacement for the cone geometry constructor. So like many of the other built in geometry constructors I can make a few shapes other than that of a cylinder actually depending on the argument values that I give when calling it.

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Camera Kit module threejs example

This week I started a new threejs project example that I am calling camera kit, that aims to be my module for parking all kinds of methods that has to do with updating the position and target location of a camera such as a perspective camera. The idea for this project came to me when working on last weeks threejs example which was my aplerp module which is a project that has to do with creating values to use for the alpha argument of the lerp method of the vector3 class.

The aplerp module has to do with moving a point in space from one point to another in a way that is not so linear, that is not a fixed delta for each frame when updating a vector. So for this project I will be building on top of the aplerp module to create another module that is centered around tasks that have to do with updating a camera.

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An advanced Lerping module threejs example

A while back I wrote a blog post on the lerp method of the Vector3 class in the javaScript library known as threejs. The lerp method can be used to move a vector from one state to another given state in the form of another instance of the vector3, and an alpha value as a number between 0 and 1. This method alone works well, when it comes to simple linear lerping. In other words moving a vector from one point to another in the from of a kind of straight line between the two points of interest. Also when doing the typical index over length value as a way to create an alpha value the rate at which the point moves does so in a fixed, single delta value. These limitations then give rise in an interest to find, or develop some kind of advanced lerping module that builds on top of the vector3 method.

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Capsule geometry in threejs

There are many built in geometry constructors in threejs that can be used to create an instance of buffer geometry by way of calling a function and passing a few arguments to define certain aspects of the geometry that is created by way of a javaScript constructor function. One such option that I will be writing about today is the capsule geometry constructor. This is a geometry that is like the cylinder geometry, but with a half sphere like cap on each side of the cylinder.

The nature of the capsule geometry is interesting as with a little code it can maybe be used as an alternative to tube geometry that often presents itself as a road block of sorts when learning how to use these various geometry constructors. One major reason why is because in order to use the tube geometry one will need to create an instance of a curve which is needed as the first argument when calling the tube geometry constructor. This might prove to be a little hard to work with as it is a way to create a 3d path by way of javaScript code purely by way of some logic, rather than say data for each point in space. So in this post I will be going over a basic getting started type example of the capsule geometry, but I will then also be looking into how to go about drawing a 3d path in space using a group of mesh objects where each mesh object contains a capsule geometry.

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THREEJS Looping land animation using the Object grid wrap module

This week I took another look at my object grid wrap module threejs example that I made a while ago, and when doing so I made some revised versions of that source code. While I was at it I thought I would start a new threejs example project that will be another javaScript file in which I am building on top of this object grid wrap module that is a way to create a grid with a collection of mesh objects that looks like some land in terms of terrain at least.

When it comes to using this object grid wrap module I need to define a collection of source objects to clone for each grid location, so for this threejs example I am just creating a module that in part creates this collection of objects that include mesh objects with built in box geometry as well as Extrude geometry using shapes.

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