Nodejs Examples

I have wrote a lot of posts on nodejs thus far, and I have covered all the basics I think at this point. There are many things that I like to write about, but at this post I think that when it comes to nodejs from this point forward I should just write about some actual nodejs examples. When I do something to this effect with a topic like node I often write a post that will serve as a post where I will link to everything that I have done thus far when it comes to some actual examples that make use of a language, framework, or something to that effect. As such this post will be on the collection of nodejs examples that I have made thus far.

As of this writing I can not say that I have made anything that is really something to be proud of yet. In time that might change, but yet again maybe not as there are many other areas of interest when it comes to javaScript. It would seem that I am more interested in client side javaScript at the time of this writing at least, because these days I seem more interested in working on my canvas examples. However at some point in the future that might change, and when that happens I will end up treating this post the same way as my post on canvas examples. In other words I will keep coming back to it, and edit and expand the post with additional links to all the examples I have made thus far.

1 - The List of Nodejs Examples

Now for the lite of examples thus far. So far there are not that many of them so I think I will just have a single list of examples thus far. For each examples I will write a brief description of the examples here, and of course like to the post where I then write about the example in greater detail.

1.1 - Chrome app nodejs example

This is an example where I am trying out just using the Google chrome browser as a way to have a graphical front end for a desktop application in a nodejs project. When it comes to using python to create a GUI for a project there is the tkinter standard library, but when it comes to nodejs there is no built in module for such things. However it is server side javaScript, and it just makes sense to use a web browser as a way to have a front end for something in node as it is a program that just about everything has installed.

1.2 - Copy a directory module example

There are many nodejs developers that make there own solutions for copying a directory that will work not just on posix systems but all target OS platforms including windows. This kind of project strikes be as the kind of thing where I should just use what someone else has worked out and move on. However oddly enough I ran into trouble finding something that has all the features that I want, and works juts the way that I like it. So I made my own.

1.3 - Simple custom CLI in raw mode for interactive command line tools

This is a simple Command Line Interface example that aims to be a basic starting point for making a custom interactive system for a CLI tool. When it comes to Command Line tools there is using the command by piping some input into it, or using an option to open and read a file, however often there is yet another way of using a command where I just type and enter the command and create something with the command itself. This example aims to be a basic starting point for that kind of thing a system where I start a script and enter a custom interface where I can do things, and create content, by just using the keyboard.

1.4 - A simple RPG using Nodejs

A simple RPG game using just nodejs that turned out to be a cool little project. The basic idea that I had in mind is up and running all ready, and if I skin more time into this one it might just be to improve the readability of the code that I have together all ready without adding much in terms of features. This might server as a good starting point for other projects though that I might go in a more advanced direction though.

1.5 - Basic web server starting point

This is just a basic wen server starting point. This is the kind of project that I find myself remaking over and over again, but never really getting as solid as I would like. This example is a vanilla javaScript example, but when it comes to starting a real project I would start off using express actually. Still I should have at least a few examples of a basic server using just nodejs by itself, and that is what this nodejs examples is more or less.

1.6 - Word Count history script

A word count history project that I started, but never really finished. I might get around to finishing it one day as I do find myself making little nodejs scripts that have to do with tracking the development of my website here when it comes to continuing to product content.

1.7 - World generator

A game world generator script. I had some plans for this when it comes to making an interesting RPG style game where the game world is generated from the content of this website. I did not get as far with this as I would have like to, but never the less the current state of it is working okay for what is is worth. In order to get back into this project I think that there are some canvas examples that i need to work on more first. Once I get them in better shape it is just a mater of using some nodejs tools to create the json files that I want for the game world.

2 - Conclusion

As I make more nodejs examples I will come back and expand this list, however for now I think that I would like to try to keep this list short. Most of my efforts should be to improve the quality of the existing examples thus far, and when it comes to making additional examples I should try to start making examples that I actually use. I have a few scripts thus far when it comes to that, but I think that I should start at least one or two projects that are a more well refined and useful examples that are at least starting to look like a finished product.