Blog Post volume.

So I started writing this blog a few months ago, and so far I can say I am not getting much traffic. I can’t complain though considering that I have not done much of anything in terms of promotion work, and I have just stared finding out what organic traffic, and Search Engine Optimization is.

Focusing on Organic traffic.

For now I am focused on what I can do to improve organic traffic, that is people clicking threw to my site by just simply preforming a certain search query, and clicking threw to my site because it was on the first page. So far it seems like part of improving that is by knowing what kind of content to write in the first place.

For example with my post on reading files in hexo, I have found that when I do a Google search for the phrase “reading files in hexo” the post comes up on the first page right there on position number 1 out of 113,000 results. It is true that factors such as my location have an impact on my queries, however my data at Googles search console shows that the average position on some of my posts is landing on the front page. So it would seem that I am doing something right, but so far only when people search certain phrases relevant to a few of my small collection of posts.

Throwing spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks.

I hate to admit it, but yes because I am new at writing content, my current SEO strategy is like that of throwing a plate of spaghetti at a wall to see what sticks. It would be best to just simply know what would be best to write about in the first place. However I have found that if I just write about what I want to write about, naturally, without even thinking about it some of my posts will show up in Google search sometimes.

This leads me in the direction to avoid writing lengthly posts in which I spend several days doing research on a JavaScript related product. Yes quality might take a bit of a hit, but I don’t want to invest a great deal of time into a post that no one will read. Keeping content brief, but to the point, can still have a kind of value. It also allows for me to throw a larger plate of spaghetti in which hopefully a lot more noddles will stick if you get my meaning.

When it comes to trying to get at least some idea as to what would be a good idea to write about so far I have discovered Google Trends. This is great as it helps me to know how many people are searching for a certain term over a certain span of time.

“Popular, yet obscure” subject matter.

If I write a post about a popular javaScript technology it will get buried in a lengthly stack of content authored by my competition, which is to be expected if it is something popular like angular, jQuery, or node.js. Also if I write about something that is to obscure there is a good chance that I will land on the front page, but what is it worth if no one is searching for it?

As such it is important to write about subject matter that is popular, but not so popular that my posts get buried. A sort of sweet spot between known, and unknown. My posts on the static site generator hexo might be such an example of this, it is a little obscure in the javaScript world, but not so obscure that no one in the world but me is searching for it.

No shortage of ideas when writing about javaScript.

I have plenty of ideas for “darts” if you get what I mean. The great thing about writing about javaScript is that there is always something to write about. It’s not like I am writing about a single line of products from a single company where after a while I am just repeating the same stuff over and over. With javaScript there is always something new to learn, it never stops.

High volume, concise, but still of value

It would be nice to write lengthly quality posts. However because I do not have a clear strategy about what content is worthy of a large investment of time, I feel compelled to go more in the direction of quantity. I have gathered that writing quality posts may be a better idea, but for now at least I am not seeing it. I need to cast a wide net and see what happens.


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