Hexo structured data keywords tag.

Important update

Because I am new to Search Engine Optimization, and boggling, I can not assure that the quality of this post is top notch. In fact I can not confirm that it has any value at all at least with respect to SEO. It may still have value as an example on how to write hexo tags, but I all ready have a post on this that is more appropriate. From what I have gathered recently, keywords may have very little if any impact at helping to improve site rank at Google, or any search engine for that matter. I am also not sure if doing something like this may result in some kind of penalty, as such for now at least I am not doing this on my posts until I learn more about keywords, and SEO in general.

As such in time I may completely re-write this post, for now you have been advised.

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The node.js shebang

The definition of the word shebang is “a matter, operation, or set of circumstances.” so then the set of circumstances in the case of using Linux is what scripting language is being used when running a script file. In other words it is important for a program loader to know what interpreter should be used to run a script in question, in the case of server side JavaScript it is typically node.js.

I tend to like to use javaScript for anything and everything that has to do with scripting, operating system automation, writing my own commands and so forth so for me I would use something like this:

#!/usr/bin/env node

At the very top of my javaScript files that will be used as starting points for any type of command. The shebang text will of course differ a little from one environment to another but it will always look at least something like that.

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Git hooks.

Git hooks are scripts that I can place in the hooks folder that resides in the hidden .git folder of a project working tree. Because I use git as my system of source control this is an option that I can use to help automate tasks. However there are other options for task automation that I prefer, so for the most part I see hooks as a way to enforce compliance with certain standards before being allowed to make a commit to a git folder.

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