About Dustin John Pfister

Hi, my name is Dustin. I like javaScript.

Hello My name is Dustin, I am a self educated javaScript developer with some ten years of experience. I have found that I enjoy writing javaScript related content for my site here at github pages, and will likely continuing expanding and updating my content here.

If you have found a post of mine useful, great. My aim at this point is to provide a more supportive role for fellow javaScript developers, rather than working on actual projects. Still I log plenty of hours writing code examples, so you do not have to. I also do work on the occasional long them project, usually in the form of a game, but also basic node.js powder cli tools

I get the occasional e-mail requesting that I place content written by someone else on this site in exchange for exposure, or site promotion of some kind. Here at dustinpfister.github.io it should be obvious that I am promoting a personal brand, so all content should be written by me. So if I do ever post sponsored content on this site it will have to be written by me, and also I will need to be payed as it is a service to do so.

E-mails asking for help on something

I get E-mails now and then asking for help on a certain topic that I have written about on this site. Please understand that I am often busy, or dealing with some kind of life drama outside of programing. Also if it is a post on something that I have not worked with in a while it might no longer be fresh in my mind as well. It would always be best to leave a comment on the post of interest, the more engagement a post receives the greater the interest I will have in improving that posts quality, as well as expanding on that topic when writing new content.


Best way to go about doing that would be by leaving a disqus comment in the post that is relevant to your problem, concern, or other inquiry. I do also have a twitter account, but I am not so active there as of yet. If you really do want to e-mail me for some reason best way would be by my gmail account that I will link to here as well.


You can e-mail me at my g-mail account: