javaScript blog content what to write about.

One of the great things about writing a blog on javaScript is that there is never a shortage of things to write about. It’s not like I have to write about a single line of products, form a single brand, and as such there is only so much to cover until I start repeating myself. With javaScript there is an ocean of content potential to be taped into, but that can also be my undoing. It is easy to get overwhelmed, as such I thought it might be a good idea to throw together some ideas on this matter.

1 - javaScript blog content advice

So I have been writing javaScript related content for a little over two years now sense I first wrote this post back in 2017. The sight is doing well, for a personal best at least for sure. However I still have a lot to learn, not just with javaScript and programing, but optimizing content for people.

There is a certain strategy that involves writing content that exists in a sort of sweet spot between popular, and obscure. Where if I write a post that manages to hit that sweet spot my post will rank on the first page of Google search results with respect to that sweet spot.

When I first wrote this post I had 26 blog posts in total, and my best performing post in terms of impressions was my post on At that time just getting to one hundred impressions site wide was a big deal. Now my best preforming post is on lodash find which pulls in over thirty thousand impressions a month. This post on lodash is by far my best preforming post with respect to organic search results in terms of impressions, and has been for quite some time now.

I do not have a clear strategy in place that may help me write this kind of content all the time, but I might not need one. I had no strategy in mind when writing my best preforming posts thus far, it just happened by chance. Maybe the best thing to do for now is to just keep writing, rather than going nuts with keyword research, and try to write content solely centered around trying to improve organic search results.

3 - Writing content that is helpful to others.

This is my go to default strategy when I am not sure what the next step is with all of my other strategies listed in this post. One way to go about doing it is to go to an a site like stackoverflow, and just start reading the questions that people are posting. After reading a lot of them, I begin to see certain patterns with the kinds of problems people are having with certain things. Then I start writing posts that help to address those problems.

Often it may be something that is well covered elsewhere, but it is now my solution to a certain problem, that I can now link to in a response to any question in the future that is relevant to the content.

These kinds of post are helpful when it comes to starting some kind of back link strategy if I choose to go in that direction, but for now I seem to be taking a very passive approach to site promotion by focusing on improving organic search.

4 - Writing content that I want to write about.

This is something that I like to do now and then, purely for the obvious reasons why. It might be helpful, it might rank, it may wow an employer and get me a job, if so all of that is just an unintentional byproduct of just simply writing content that I want to write about purely for the reason that it brings me some kind of pleasure. The source of the pleasure typically comes from the fact that it is an interesting, and novel topic of interest, rather than pleasure from helping others.

5 - Writing content that will help me remember things I have figured out.

When I am in the deep of it when it comes to coding a project I often end up learning something new that is a little involved. Taking the time to write a post on whatever that something may be will help me to remember, when I come to a point when I need to do it again I have my own tutorial on the matter. In addition why not go and make it public post on my site?

6 - Revise, and expand on old content

I make mistakes, not just with spelling and grammar, but factual errors as well. Sometimes I take a moment to read over my own old posts, and catch one or two. So far I have not taken a post down, but I have revised a few so far including this one.

7 - Writing content that might help obtain employment.

This strategy should speak for itself, but may need at least a little elaboration. The idea is to just simply look into what it popular in the industry of high level computer programing with the javaScript programing language. Study whatever libraries, frameworks, and so forth are used often, and write blog posts that demonstrate that I have logged time playing around with them. Therefore I have at least a degree of experience with what is typically used in a work setting.

The thing about writing this kind of content is that I am taking time to just prove that I have what it takes to preform at a job. It’s the kind of post that is only intended to try and impress a potential employer. The content may just be yet another post on a certain something that has been covered by other bloggers extensively. I am not writing content that targets a certain area that is under reported, and I am also not wringing the kind of content that I want to write about on a personal basis.

8 - Conclusion

I think the best thing to do is to just keep writing. I will never have a successful blog if I throw in the towel on this, so I have to keep going. I think the main focus is to just write about content that is helpful to others, and makes me happy.

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