About Dustin John Pfister

Updated: 01-18-2023

Hi, my name is Dustin. I like threejs, javaScript, Linux and all kinds of Tech Subjects in general.

Hello My name is Dustin, I am a self educated javaScript developer sense around 2008 when I first started toying with various languages. I have found that I enjoy writing javaScript related content for my site here at github pages, and will likely continuing expanding and updating my content here. As of this writing I have been staying in my lane with threejs for the most part as of around April of 2022, although my oldest content on threejs goes back to 2018.

I get the occasional e-mail requesting that I place content written by someone else on this site in exchange for exposure, or site promotion of some kind. Here at dustinpfister.github.io it should be obvious that I am promoting a personal brand of sorts, so all content should be written by me. I do ever post sponsored content on this site it will have to be written by me, and also I will need to be payed as it is a service to do so. Although I am not happy with having ads on my site, and am open to the idea of other ways to make money, at this time I am not a big fan of the idea of writing sponsored content. If you think you can convince me otherwise though I do have my e-mail listed below.

E-mails asking for help on something

I get E-mails now and then asking for help on a certain topic that I have written about on this site. Please understand that I am often busy, or dealing with some kind of life drama outside of programing. Also if it is a post on something that I have not worked with in a while it might no longer be fresh in my mind as well. It would always be best to leave a comment on the post of interest, the more engagement a post receives the greater the interest I will have in improving that posts quality, as well as expanding on that topic when writing new content.

If you want me to help you with something that is composed of hundreds, if not thousands of lines of code, once again this is a service that you are asking of me. If it has to do with one of my blog posts, and I have some free time, maybe I can improve or expand that content at some point if you leave a comment. Simply put I do not work for free, unless I am working for me, or at least something I think is worth the investment if it is an open source project.

I do not get a lot of comments thus far, but I guess I should write about this anyway as this has become a thing. If you want to have a link from my website to yours I ask that the link is relevant to the content of the post that you are linking from. If the subject has absolutely nothing to do with the content of the post I will not allow it. If you are just promoting some kind of software or service and not adding anything to the value of the post in any way, chances are I will not allow it. If it is an obvious copy and past response with a link to a site that with a domain that was just registered today, chances are I will not allow it. However if for example I wrote a post on buffers in nodejs, and you want to link to a post of yours that has to do with nodejs buffers, or at least buffers in general in some way, then changes are I will allow it.

Once in a while I get a request for a link to another site in the content of one of my blog posts. In some cases I might do this when asked but there are of course a few things to keep in mind. For one thing is the post that you want me to link to relevant to your blog post? This should go without saying but I just have to write it here anyway. The ideal situation would be that your post is on the same subject as the post you want a link from, but it should at least be in the same general category to say the least.


There is leaving a disqus comment on the blog post of interest, but I also have many other ways of leaving a comment or getting in touch. that I will list here, but please keep in mind that what I do here all ready eats up a lot of my time, and I do also have a life outside of this. I might not be able to get back to yo right away, and in some cases I might get around to responding much later if at all.


You can e-mail me at my g-mail account: